Application range of precision ceramics

In recent years, with the rapid development of industry, ceramics have also been widely used in industry. Below, Kezhong Precision Ceramics will introduce you to the application scope of precision ceramics.

Before introducing the application range of precision ceramics, let’s take a look at what is precision ceramics.

Precision ceramics refers to the use of highly selected and highly purified products without direct use of natural mineral raw materials; after precise control of chemical composition, microstructure, and grain size; manufacturing and processing are carried out in accordance with methods that facilitate structural design and preparation Ceramics with excellent characteristics (thermal, electronic, magnetic, optical, chemical, mechanical, etc.) are called precision ceramics. The microstructure of precision ceramics has remarkable characteristics. The three items of crystal phase, glass phase and pores coexist and are evenly distributed.

Precision ceramic gear
At present, foreign precision ceramics are mainly monopolized by developed countries. In particular, the production and application of precision ceramics in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, and Western Europe are the largest in the world. At present, the production scale of precision ceramics in my country is still small, mainly electronic ceramics. The application scope of precision ceramics is mainly in space technology equipment such as electronics, communications, chemicals, machinery, automobile manufacturing, energy, aerospace, and various sectors of the national economy. Specific applications are as follows:

Application scope of precision ceramics 1: Consolidate national defense and military construction

The defense industry and military construction have always been the main promoters and applications of new materials and technologies.

Application scope of precision ceramics: space technology equipment such as aviation and aerospace

The thermal protection system required by aviation, aerospace and other space technology equipment requires the advantages of withstanding high temperature, rapid temperature changes, heat insulation, high strength, light weight and long service life, such as the composite ablation of quartz used in the launch and recovery of artificial earth satellites The materials are all precision ceramic products.

Application scope three of precision ceramics: basic industry and traditional industry

At present, precision ceramics have been used as thermomechanical parts, cutting tools, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts in basic industries and traditional industries such as chemicals and machinery, which has promoted the rapid development of industrial production in my country.

Application Scope Four of Fine Ceramics: Environmental Protection

Honeycomb ceramics are important precision ceramic products used in environmental protection, and they are becoming more and more popular. It protects the fragile environment of our branch factory from pollution and destruction.

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